Medical Aesthetics


Botulinum Toxin Application

Botox is a highly effective weapon which is widely used against aging. Botox is actually a toxin (poison) obtained from bacteria called clostridium difficile. By diluting the toxin of this bacterium, a wonderful drug has been obtained that is extremely effective and has many uses in medicine.

Filling Procedure

Today, filling materials are widely used to become more beautiful. Utilizing the possibilities of developing technology in recent years, different fillers have been produced for many types and purposes. In general, the main substance of fillers is hyaluronic acid which is normally found in the human body.

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma )

PRP: Youth Vaccine Created From Your Own Blood PRP is the abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma. More clearly, it is the name given to the rich serum obtained from growth hormone and reparative factors after some blood is taken from you and passed through a number of special processes.

Fat Injection

Fat injection is the process of taking fat from the patient’s own body and giving it back to the required areas after passing through some procedures. In fact, fat injection has been used in Plastic Surgery since the 1890s. However, this process began to be used widely and became popular in the early 2000s.