Facial Aesthetics


Midface Aesthetics

The inverted triangular region, the base of which is the lower eyelid and the vertex of which is the edge of the mouth, can be roughly defined as the mid-face. Due to aging, downward displacement and a decrease in fat mass occur in this area, which contributes to have an old and tired expression.


Forehead and Eyebrow Aesthetics

By aging, downward displacement occurs especially in the upper third of the face and thus eyebrows start to move through the above of upper eyelid. For this reason, it is not possible to evaluate the forehead, eyebrow, and upper eyelid separately.


Eyelid Aesthetic

The first symptoms of aging are seen around the eyes. Wrinkles occur around the eyes. The upper eyelid sags downward and excess skin folds form on it, bagging and loosening occur in the lower eyelid, the eyehole becomes prominent with the reduction of fat tissue around the eyeball and the eyeball appears to have retracted. All these changes cause a tire