Fat Injection


Fat Injection

Fat injection is the process of taking fat from the patient’s own body and giving it back to the required areas after passing through some procedures. In fact, fat injection has been used in Plastic Surgery since the 1890s. However, this process began to be used widely and became popular in the early 2000s. The fact that desired results could not be achieved continuously with fat injection in the past prevented this process from becoming widespread. Today, special tools produced with the help of developing technology and the clear technical procedures of physicians who are intensely interested in this issue have ensured the success and permanence of fat injection. Thanks to these developments, the fat injection has turned into an operation that can get good results by all surgeons who take into account the technical details of this procedure.

Why Is Fat Injection Beneficial?

Although sometimes it accumulates much in our body and makes us unhappy in our daily life, fat tissue should not be underestimated, because it has many beneficial sides. What makes fat tissue unique is that it is very rich in stem cells. Fat tissue is so rich in stem cells that it contains more stem cells as 5-50 times than the bone marrow contains. Some studies have shown much greater rates. Although these numbers may seem surprising to you, they are proven by studies. Fat tissue does not act like ordinary fillers material in the area where it is applied, thanks to the stem cells it contains in large amounts, thereby increasing blood circulation, showing a restorative and rejuvenating effect. When these effects are created on a burnt or injured area, it constitutes our main treatment purpose, while when we give it to the cheek area for filling purposes, it is beyond the desired result by revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin tissue in that area besides filling effect.

What Does The Permanence of Fat Injection Depend On?

Some of the fat which is injected with fat injection permanently lives in your body. This survival rate depends on many factors such as the quality of recipient tissue, the amount of injected fat, the characteristics of the recipient area, smoking habits of the person, and surgical techniques. Therefore, the biggest problem with fat injection is its permanence. As mentioned above, special tools produced with the help of developing technology and the clear technical procedures of physicians who are intensely interested in this issue have ensured the success and permanence of fat injection. Hence, of course, sometimes it may be necessary to repeat the fat injection procedure once or twice according to the goals of patients. But in this case, it should not be forgotten that you benefit from every injection. However, there have been some situations that we plan two sessions but do not apply the second upon the satisfaction of our patient with the result of the first session only.

Why Is Fat Injection Used Widely?

In addition to the beneficial features I have described above, fat tissue is naturally abundant in many people’s own bodies and absolutely does not cause any reaction. It is also easy to extract from the body, the process is not painful, and it exists abundantly in most people. It is widely used in many areas. It can be used as a filler material or for camouflage purposes. It can be used in small or large volumes. It can be used in large volumes in hips and breasts so that patients do not have to use and hips and breast prostheses.

Purposes of Use

– Cheek enhancement

– Providing a younger appearance by filling the collapses in the upper and lower eyelids

– Temple enhancement

– Reducing aging symptoms by filling deep lines on the face

– Shaping chin to create more prominent chin tip

– Lip augmentation

– Buttocks augmentation and shaping

– Breast augmentation

– Reducing problems about capsule contracture after breast prosthesis

– Thickening of legs

– Destroying aging symptoms on hands

– Correcting collapses after liposuction

– Reducing puffy scars due to burns

– Filling collapses caused by previous scars

Fat tissue is the most ideal filler material today. Its permanence, existing in abundant amounts in the body, belonging to our own body, and tissue repair effect are the most important advantage when compared to other artificial fillers. The only disadvantage compared to other fillers is that it requires a surgical procedure to be extracted. Still, considering its advantages, I prefer fat injection to artificial fillers. It can be performed under local anesthesia unless a large amount is required. The patient does not feel much pain after the procedure and possible bruising and swelling disappear in 5 days.