PRP: Youth Vaccine Created From Your Own Blood

PRP is the abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma. More clearly, it is the name given to the rich serum obtained from growth hormone and reparative factors after some blood is taken from you and passed through a number of special processes.

How Does PRP Affect?

While preparing PRP, thrombocyte (blood platelets) cells in your blood are concentrated. Blood platelets are very rich in tissue repair factors and growth hormones. The healing and restorative properties of PRP are formed by this effect. Thanks to these effects, PRP has found many areas to be used and it is not limited to Aesthetic Surgery. With its bone and cartilage healing effect, it is widely used in the field of Orthopedics. With its wound-healing effect, it is also used in Plastic Surgery. These restorative and tissue restorative effects of PRP have found many areas to be used in Aesthetic Surgery. The fact that PRP is applied to the face area and makes the skin in this area more vivid and shiny has caused it to be called as youth vaccine among the people. In addition, it is used to prevent hair loss, increase hair quality, accelerate wound healing, reduce acne, and similar scars. Moreover, it also increases the skin quality and delays aging symptoms. Sessions of use vary depending on the purpose.

PRP Procedure

For PRP, 15-30 cc of blood is usually taken from you according to the need. PRP is prepared by passing the blood through a number of special processes. The preparation of PRP takes 20 minutes. Then it is given to the application area with fine needles. Anesthetic cream is first applied to your face to reduce pain. The total duration of this procedure is 30 minutes. Immediately after it is done, you can do light makeup and return to work. There may be very slight bruising or mosquito bite redness due to needles that can be covered with makeup. Since it is made from your own blood, it is not allergic and does not cause any reaction.

Areas where PRP treatment is used

  • Reducing skin wrinkles
  • Regeneration of skin cells
  • Skin whitening and treatment of under eye bags and bruises
  • Spot treatment (Pregnancy, melasma)
  • Acne and scar treatment
  • Reducing hair loss and protecting hair health
  • Treatment of chronic, non-healing scars
  • Intra-articular applications in painful joint disorders
  • Many other orthopedic and neurological disorders