Gynecomastia Correction (Breast Reduction in Men)


Gynecomastia Correction (Breast Reduction in Men)

Breast enlargement may occur in men during adolescence due to hormonal reasons. During this period, complaints of breast pain and sensitivity are added to this enlargement problem. Following the hormonal regulation, complaints mostly disappear in the post-adolescence period. If this situation is permanent, it is called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia often becomes a social problem by affecting the wearing style, posture, and self-confidence of a person.

Although gynecomastia mostly occurs due to the above reasons, it can sometimes occur due to some tumours secreting hormones or some medications. For this reason, a distinctive diagnosis is made by performing further examinations with hormone tests, ultrasonography, or MRI.

After making a distinctive diagnosis and deciding the operation, the technique is chosen considering the amount of breast tissue, age of the patient, and skin elasticity. While vacuum fat removal solves the problem in patients with limited size and no sagging, skin removal procedures may need to be added to fat removal in patients with extremely large and sagging breasts.

There may be swelling, bruise, burning, and stinging on the operation area; these complaints regress in 2-3 days. All patients must wear a corset for 2-3 weeks in order to provide an amount of pressure. Patients can have a bath after 2 days. It should be avoided to do heavy exercises for 5 weeks.