Eyelid Aesthetic


Eyelid Aesthetic

The first symptoms of aging are seen around the eyes. Wrinkles occur around the eyes. The upper eyelid sags downward and excess skin folds form on it, bagging and loosening occur in the lower eyelid, the eyehole becomes prominent with the reduction of fat tissue around the eyeball and the eyeball appears to have retracted. All these changes cause a tired expression on our faces.

It would be inappropriate to evaluate these changes in lower and upper eyelids separately from the forehead, eyebrows, and midface. Forehead and midface interventions can sometimes be added to eyelid interventions.

How is eyelid aesthetic operation performed?

General anesthesia is preferred if forehead and midface intervention is performed while interventions addressing only the eyelids are performed under local anesthesia. Excess skin on the eyelids is removed and the fat tissues causing bagging are intervened. If there is a fat deficiency, fat grafting can be done.

What should I do after the operation?

You may need to stay at the hospital for one night after the operation. There will be tapes on your eyelids. These tapes will prevent your vision. The swelling will increase in the first three days and then decrease within 1 week; your tapes are removed on the fifth day. You can do your normal daily activities on the following day of operation. It is necessary to avoid heavy sports for 4 weeks.