Botulinum Toxin Application



Botox is a highly effective weapon which is widely used against aging. Botox is actually a toxin (poison) obtained from bacteria called clostridium difficile. By diluting the toxin of this bacterium, a wonderful drug has been obtained that is extremely effective and has many uses in medicine.

Botox is most commonly used to eliminate wrinkles on the upper part of the face – namely forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes – in aesthetic surgery. The reason for these wrinkles is mainly mimes. Botox reduces muscle movements by weakening the muscles in this area. Thus, it eliminates the old wrinkles as well as preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

In addition to these functions, botox is also used to change your smile. If your gums appear too much while smiling (gummy smile), this appearance can be improved with botox. Or botox can create a slight smile on your face like in Mona Lisa. It is also used to reduce bands in the neck (folds-wrinkles).

Besides, botox is used to reduce sweating in the armpits, palms, and feet. In recent years, it has been demonstrated that botox application reduces seizure frequency in migraine patients.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox application is by far the most frequently applied procedure for aesthetic purposes in the USA and all over the world. Although the use of botox in medicine dates back to earlier times, it started to be used for aesthetic purposes at the end of the ’90s. Although it is a toxin, the doses of botox used in aesthetic applications are very low and therefore extremely safe. FDA (the Supervisory Authority of the Food and Drug Industry under the Ministry of Health in the United States) has reported that there is no harm in applying it to people other than pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Of course, the reliability of Botox is only valid for FDA approved brands on the market. Clinical experience has shown that there is no risk of allergies or serious side effects when using these brands. Botox substances which are lately imported from China due to its cheap price have questionable reliability, and they are allergic and unsafe.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox blocks nerve endings in the muscle where it is applied and prevents muscle contraction. In other words, it creates a partial weakness in the muscles. This effect of Botox is temporary because the muscle reacts to this situation with the formation of a new nerve ending. When Botox is applied for wrinkles for the first time, its effect usually lasts for 4 months, although it varies from person to person. Then, this period increases to 6 months in the second application, After regular applications, this period is extended and it may go up to 8 or even 12 months. When applied for armpit sweating, its effect generally lasts for 8 to 10 months although it is said to last for 6 months on average.

Who Are Ideal For Botox Application?

Botox can be applied to every person of all ages. The most ideal patient group is young patients who use their mimics a lot. It eliminates the wrinkles that start to appear in these patients and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Botox use is also very beneficial for elderly patients. It is more effective before the wrinkles become much deeper, it reduces wrinkles and is the first step of facial rejuvenation. Older patients may sometimes have deep wrinkles. In this case, the first treatment step is botox, it may be necessary to combine it with fillers to achieve better results.

Main Uses of Botox

Wrinkles between forehead and eyebrows

Goose feet

Brow lift

Gummy smile correction

Creating a Mona Lisa smile

Armpit sweating treatment

Hand and foot sweating treatment

Migraine treatment

Does Your Facial Expression Change After Botox Application?

The biggest fear of people considering to have botox is the emergence of a facial expression which does not allow using mimics, just like a mask. This is actually not a desirable result and occurs when botox is applied by inexperienced ones. The shape and position of eyebrows are the most important factors that indicate the facial expression and mood of the person. There are many different variations for people’s mimic use and eyebrow shape. Since botox can change the shape and lifting of eyebrows, facial expression can also change indirectly. While this change can be used in your favor in competent hands, it causes some undesired expressions and appearances in incompetent hands. It is also possible to obtain a younger appearance, optionally, by preserving facial expression and gesture movements. Almost all of the complaints and concerns about Botox occur as a result of applications made by people who are not professional enough.

Is Botox Application Pain?

Botox is not a painful procedure counterintuitively. Even patients who are afraid of injections and needles say that there is nothing to be afraid of after having botox. Botox is applied with the smallest needles available medically. Ice application during botox reduces pain much further.

Process After Botox

Botox is a very short procedure. The application time is approximately 5-10 minutes. After it is completed, you can immediately do makeup and continue your daily life. You will have a very mild rash on your face like a mosquito bite and will go away after a short time. Botox effect starts to be seen on the 3rd day and its maximum effect is seen on the 10th day.