Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction Operation

One of the common problems in our society is that breasts reach a size that will disturb the person. This discomfort should not be considered only as an aesthetic problem; shoulder pain, back pain, posture disorders, breathing problems, red and itchy skin lesions under the breast can also seriously disturb patients.

What is aimed at breast reduction operation?

Our purpose in breast reduction operation is to carry the nipple back to its proper position, provide the fullness of the emptied upper pole of the breast, create a breast in the desired shape on the chest wall and to reduce breast volume by removing some breast tissue together with excess skin.

Scars and the technique selected according to the size and features of breasts can change. In relatively small breasts, there is a scar going from the circumference of the nipple to the sub-breast fold, while in very large breasts there may be a scar called an inverted T that runs along the sub-breast fold. These scars become apparent at first, but they become less noticeable after the 6th month

The extracted particles after the operation are sent for pathological examination. A dramatic improvement occurs in the spine problems of the patient with the reduction of breast mass, and there is a little decline in cancer risk since the tissue that will cause breast cancer decreases.

Does breast cancer affect breastfeeding?

We can also operate the patients who are breastfeeding. Depending on the surgical technique and the extracted breast tissue, breastfeeding is more or less affected. For patients who are likely to breastfeed in the future, techniques that least disrupt the relationship between the nipple and breast tissue are chosen to ensure that breastfeeding is less affected.