Midface Aesthetics


Midface Aesthetics

The inverted triangular region, the base of which is the lower eyelid and the vertex of which is the edge of the mouth, can be roughly defined as the mid-face. Due to aging, downward displacement and a decrease in fat mass occur in this area, which contributes to have an old and tired expression.

In midface aesthetics, the cheek tissue is separated from the bone tissue and moved upwards and fixed to other stable tissues such as bone. Additionally, if there is a fat deficiency, this problem is compensated by fat injections. While these procedures are sometimes performed by the endoscopic method by entering from the forehead, sometimes it can be done through the lower eyelid incision together with the lower eyelid aesthetics.

Who is appropriate for midface aesthetics?

Midface rejuvenation procedures can be applied to a very wide range of age groups. It is performed only as midface intervention in the patients at the ages of 30 whose lower eyelid length has extended and midface has weakened, but it can be performed together with facelift operation at the ages of 50.

How is the post-operative period?

Swelling and bruises that will occur after midface aesthetics disappear within 1 week. You can do your normal daily activities the day after the operation, but it is necessary to avoid heavy spots for 4 weeks.