Medical History Form

Important Note:
Medical History Form is a very important tool to assess your physical availability for the intended procedure. The Information provided is evaluated by one of our contracted Plastic Surgeon who is assessing your pictures as well.
It is under your responsibility to inform us in advance if you suffer from HIV virus and/or AIDS in order for us to take necessary actions otherwise we are sorry to inform you that our surgeon, his team and hospital will not be liable for any complication may occur.


Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions about any treatment package you buy from Gökhan Temiz Clinic Please read these Terms and Conditions and the documents referred to below: By accepting our terms and conditions, you confirm that you will be bounded with these Terms and Conditions and you agree to comply with them. Gökhan Temiz Clinic has the right to change and modify the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice. Once you accept the Quote provided to you and fill Medical History Form and based on Medical History Form if you have no health problem for the planned surgery, you will be required to pay a deposit to us and your contract is based on the Terms and Conditions.

Gökhan Temiz Clinic’s Liabilities &Responsibilities


Your Responsibilities

1. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to share any information about your medical condition.
2. You are responsible for providing appropriate information regarding your medical condition in order to provide you right treatment plan.
3. You are responsible for preparing your travel documents such as passport and visa regarding your treatment. Gökhan Temiz Clinic is not responsible for arranging your travel to Turkey for your treatment.
4. By accepting these terms and conditions you give permission to Gökhan Temiz Clinic to get your medical records from your healthcare provider and keep those records in case of necessity.
5. In order to get a treatment from Gökhan Temiz Clinic, you need to make a deposit payment to Gökhan Temiz Clinic before you start your journey and you should complete the payment of the whole amount prior to your treatment. You will not get any treatment before you complete your payment.
6. It’s your responsibility to add any type of insurance to your medical package.


1. If your treatment plan changes as a result of your actual physical examination by your doctor/surgeon or because of your test results, you have the option not to proceed. In those circumstances, you will receive a refund after deduction of the costs related to transfer cost, number of nights stayed at the hotel, hospital tests and consultations and such from your total package amount. If you want to proceed with the new treatment plan, then you will receive a revised price quotation.
2. Deposit is the reservation fee and cannot be refunded in any circumstances. Deposit validity is for 6 months after the deposit is paid. In force majeure conditions such as earthquake, pandemic, the pregnancy, the validity is extended for another 6 months or until the medical availability of the patient to have the treatment.

Medical Examination

Gökhan Temiz Clinic reminds you that all kinds of surgery/treatment carry certain medical risks; the risks associated with cosmetic surgery also include dissatisfaction with the results. You and the surgeon have to agree about the anticipated outcome of your surgery/treatment so that your expectations of the results will be realistic and reasonable.
Any medical or surgical advice provided through the Gökhan Temiz Clinic website, e-mail documents, any messages are accurate to the best of Gökhan Temiz Clinic’s knowledge. However, it is your responsibility that they are once more discussed at a face-to-face consultation with your Surgeon prior to your treatment. Therefor please never hesitate to ask your surgeon all you want to know before undergoing surgical treatment.


You will have a certain number of controls after your surgery. One will be at the hospital and the other will be before you will return to your country. Your after-care instructions will be provided to you by your surgeon and his team.
You are obliged to follow the after-care instructions. If any indication of complications occurs after you have returned to your country, we will assist you by asking your pictures, test results, any doctor report that you received in your home country, provide an opinion and determine possible next steps for post-operative treatment.
We will give you aftercare instructions and advice. Should you not follow these instructions and repercussions would arise because of the lack of care, the hospital and surgeon cannot be held responsible.

Feedbacks and Reviews

Gökhan Temiz Clinic aims to provide excellent service. Gökhan Temiz Clinic is looking for feedback from its patients in order to improve its services provided that the reviews are sincere, genuine, helpful, and directly related to Gökhan Temiz Clinic services.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree not to attack or criticise our clinic or any of its employee publicly regarding third party issues. In case of breaching this clause, you have to remove and take down the content immediately upon our assessment. If the content remains, in part or a whole, you agree to pay 5,000€ (EURO) to Gökhan Temiz Clinic as damages.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

11. Gökhan Temiz Clinic is responsible for the safe keeping of your personal information in a strictly confidential manner. Gökhan Temiz Clinic will not disclose your data, records, or information without your consent and will only share it with medical staff.
2. To guarantee your privacy, Gökhan Temiz Clinic maintains all patient information in compliance with Turkish Laws regarding the release and disclosure of personal health information. Your anonymous before and after pictures can be used in various platforms for demonstrative purposes and might be presented only to show possible results from various procedures. We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.
By accepting these terms and conditions you permit Gökhan Temiz Clinic to use your before after pictures of your treatment in an anonymous way to improve our site, to provide better patient service.